CodeRush or CrackRush?

CodeRush Xpress 9.1

I have just downloaded CodeRush for VS2008. It is an excellent product for lazy fat-fingering programmer as I am. It creates classes with proper constructors; jumps between camel-case variables (LOVE this one), adds nice thin little line between corresponding open and closed curly-brackets to outline loops, tries, switch cases and other enclosed areas, so you can visually see what exactly your 5th out of 9 closing curly brackets actually closing. Nice!

There are also method extractor, method to field converter and whole slew of other pleasantries.

Take a look:

Visual Studio guys should purchase whole thing and bake it into VS2010 SP1 or something.  The only fear I’ve got it that it will be like a super-crack, first use and I’ll be hooked on it and can’t code without it.

    • Rory
    • September 6th, 2009

    If you have any CodeRush, RefactorPro or DXCore (The super easy extensibility layer on which the previous 2 are built) questions, feel free to contact me on twitter ( or email ( I don\’t work for DevExpress but I do enjoy helping people get the most out of these products. (I\’m one of the people behind the community site (

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