Hello Windows 7

I’ve spend about two hours last night watching Microsoft IT image of Windows 7 Enterprise X64 RTM being downloaded, installed and configured on my laptop. It replaced my Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise that I’ve lived with for a long while.

So far I am more than happy with 7.

1.       This this going to be my first OS since Windows 2000 Professional (this kind of ages me…) where I am not disabling all graphical add-ons and other "beatifications". They are smooth and not obnoxiously toy-like (Sorry XP and Vista)

2.       It is FAST to boot and VERY fast to wake-up

3.       It is much more "administrator" friendly than Vista. I am still disabling UAC, but now it’s got several levels of UAC. I’ll see if I can live with minimum setting (before OFF) without being annoyed

4.       Did I say that it was FAST?

So far my verdict is – "I would install it on my mother’s computer"  [that is a good thing 😉 ]

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