Got to have “light” RSS feed reader

I do realize that I’ve came to the blogosphere and RSS feeds WAY behind the curve; however, to my surprise, I’ve discovered that there is still no "dominant" RSS reader platform for .NET

Plenty of players with open source solutions and plenty of "for-profit" solutions, however all of them seemed to be a little over-engineered for my taste. In the end displaying content of XML file should not be hard to do. Right?

It would be nice to have "native" .NET framework object that is wrapping RSS and ATOM feeds. There are examples of such objects in .NET. With framework v3.5 MSFT introduced System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace which neatly wraps DirectoryEntry object… it is simple(er) to use and doing lots of heavy lifting for you, so why not to create RssEntry object somewhere under System.Net namespace? Where do I cast my vote for this???

So it seems that I’ve got myself a little pet-project for weekend or two. The objective is to cook-up easy to deal with RSS 2.0 feed reader (at least for my own blog) and hook it up to my site.  I’ve got that poor site static since it was created a year ago and it’s time to give it a little "information jolt".

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