Attaching to Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe failing

There is a lot of thing person can overlook when he/she in the hurry. And every time I am re-installing FIM service on my dev box I am in the hurry to make things done.
I am posting this entry mostly for my future self. It is for second or third time after upgrading FIM 2010 portal service release to latest and greatest version I am encountering this issue and every time I remember that was able to solve the last time around and can’t remember what exactly I did.
So, when you want to debug your custom code for FIM 2010 in Visual Studio and trying to attach to  the Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe with default Visual studio settings you will likely to see a failure message like "access denied", "failed to attach" or something like that.
The trick is very simple: right before attaching to the service, in the field "attach to" select "Managed Code" and not default value "Automatically determine…" . Problem should be solved!
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