GAL Sync vs. OL Sync vs. OLMA vs. ELMA (have I missed anything?)

If you are looking into this your search engine must caught one of the key words in the title. At the time I was recording this podcast the R4 release (is this is a tautological statement?) of Outlook Live just have been released and I was flying around The World to promote Outlook Live and educate Microsoft Partners on new features and specifics of Outlook Live program.

I encourage you to take a look at this podcast if you are trying to understand what exactly Outlook Live offering(s) are/is and how it is deferent form custom Identity Management solution.

I believe that understanding all your options and clearly grasping underlying technologies in every offer from Live@edu team will essentially produce better-built end-client solutions and in the end will culminate in the better end-user (student) experience.

Take look at "GAL Sync 2010 / Outlook Live Sync Intro":


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