Identity Management 101

I swear I have not been hibernating. In the light of upcoming TEC 2010, and FIM 2010 finally reaching RTM phase I had a lot things to do.

In the midst of the maddening rush of RTMing FIM I had a chance to make a recording of several presentations that I have been giving around The World on numerous Live@edu gatherings. Thank you to Live@edu team in Microsoft that has asked me to record my sessions in Microsoft Studios as "podcasts" for Live@edu partners. Those recordings are targeting more or less novices in Identity Management and allowing system administrators as well as technical PMs who are new to the realm of IdA to understand what is Identity management and how you as an organization can benefit from it.

Folks in Microsoft Studio were trying to teach me to avoid using tons of "Hmmm" and "Mmmm", nevertheless there are PLENTY of those placeholders sprinkled in these presentations. You’ll have to excuse me for a little awkward flow; one have never imagined that speaking to the silent eye on the camera in a tiny dark studio rigged with microphones is MUCH harder and MUCH more nerve-racking than speaking in front of 100s of people. Anyhow, if you have 30 minutes to spare for an IdM 101 session, please be my guest and take a look at following:

    • Matt
    • March 18th, 2010

    Awesome Dmitry

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