The Birds and The Bees of ILM 2007

Some could find it a little odd that in the month of releasing FIM 2010, I am publishing a podcast dedicated to the concepts of ILM 2007. However, if you are on your path of building your own Identity Management solution you will find this presentation rather informative (or so I hope).

Conceptually Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) is based on ILM 2007. In fact FIM 2010 consumed ILM 2007 and build-up a new product that is utilizes core ILM 2007 technology from within. In fact FIM 2010 refers to the established "core" of MIIS 2003/FIM 2007 as Sync Engine. In other words, if you are deploying FIM 2010 and need to understand more about Sync Engine and overall concepts of state-base directory synchronization, management agents, connected directories, Metaverse and other Microsoft-centric and generic Identity Management concepts this podcast could help you to be on the right track.

One again, thanks to Microsoft’s Live@edu team which presented me with an opportunity to record these podcasts in Microsoft Studios.


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