FIM 2010 Activity on CodePlex

In anticipation of my presentation on TEC 2010 in Los Angeles on Monday, April 26, I would like to announce release of FIM 2010 custom activity that I’ve called: ‘FTE Owner Requirement’. The activity itself provides administrator with an ability to prevent creation of group objects that are solely belonging to non-FTE users. The idea behind this is to limit potential number of "orphan groups" (groups with no owner), which could happen with non-FTEs more often than with FTEs due to the more transient nature of their employment in a given organization.

I have designed and wrote this activity for Microsoft IT (internal Microsoft consumption), however in the light of promoting extracurricular custom developments on FIM platform we have decided to publish it as an open-source CodePlex project.

Regardless of the fact that this activity is fully functional and ready to be deployed the primer goal of the activity is to illustrate to novice FIM programmers on how to begin coding for FIM. All source code as well as documentation is provided on CodePlex:

You don’t have to be FIM programmer at all to use it. If you are a System Administrator that wants to implement a policy that will prevent non-FTE users to create group without an FTE co-owner you can simply download an MSI with Installation guide and configure your FIM instance.

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