Relieving the pain of EASI IDs

While deploying Outlook Live with power-shell CSV parser (CSV_Parser.ps1) at the customer site I’ve learned firsthand that dealing with EASI (Email As Sign In) IDs is a pain in a rear. To my knowledge there is no easy way to enumerate all pre-existing Live IDs that have been reserved by individual students before the university registered a domain for usage with Live@edu program; therefore during initial deployment administrators likely to see several "Alias already reserved as EASI ID" errors.
I would strongly recommend using -LogDirectory switch with your CSV_Parser.ps1, to capture all events, successful and otherwise, during your deployment. Generated log file is very useful for post-processing and analysis; You should also know that you’ll be seeing rather bulky log file containing more information that average administrator cares about. What administrators should really care about is to capture all IDs that have NOT been successfully provisioned, and retrieving that information form the log is rather tedious exercise for a human.
Ta-Da! Behold the ErrorParser.PS1 script that doesn’t mind digging through very large logs and picking all failed-to-provision-IDs!
Here is the URL for downloading:
Many thanks are going to the in-flight internet access and hellishly long flight-time from the East Coast to the West Cost of The United States of America. As a true-to-the-core-geek that is bored to tears during cost-to-coast flight, I’ve found pleasure in writing a PowerShell script (no comments please!  LOL) which is attached to this post. Feel free to download and use it for all your re-provisioning correction-measures needs.
You might also want to read following article about evicting or importing EASI IDs:
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