Auxiliary MA alternative

Auxiliary MA alternative

Recently I have published a Metaverse Router project on CodePlex. This project allows MIIS/ILM/FIM Synchronization engine to operate with discrete provisioning modules vs. monolithic provisioning DLL that would serve dissimilar connected directories.

As one of the benefits of Metaverse Router you can enable/disable ‘scripted’ provisioning in your Sync Engine without actually modifying server configuration. It is also possible to enable and disable provisioning of individual modules, if you wish.

During work with one client of mine it dawned on me that this provisioning disablement could be performed in mid-run of the synchronization cycle. Why is this important?

If you are familiar with a concept of Auxiliary MA you know that Sync Engine could have a configuration challenge preventing object to be provisioned into one of the systems due to an existing object with an identical distinguished name being present in that system. The proposed solution is called Auxiliary Management Agent. Auxiliary MA is a basic text (or any other default type) management agent, which depends on the sequence of synchronization execution and allows provisioning code to execute successfully by provisioning an "auxiliary" object first, which would allow (pre)existing object to join to the Metaverse; thereafter auxiliary CSEntry ‘self-destroys’ when it is no longer needed. I encourage digging MSDN for more information. Auxiliary MA can be conceptually ‘dry’…

Nevertheless, having an additional MA and introducing additional provisioning code is not something I would like to do, when it can be avoided. So to resolve mentioned above provisioning issue without introduction of an additional MA we can simply disable provisioning in the Metaverse Router with the script during the run of the Sync Engine. Disabled provisioning will allow for projection and joining processess to happen without provisioning code being executed at first, which in return will solve the "auxiliary" problem. Thereafter your script could re-enable provisioning and voila – no Auxiliary MA needed.

I will be working on VB and PowerShell scripts to complement Metaverse Router on CodePlex

Happy coding!


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