Live@edu OLSync on FIM 2010

This week I have completed yet another Live@edu engagement with FIM 2010. It appears that here in Schakra we are receiving more and more requests form Live@edu customers who are wanting to use FIM 2010 as a platform for Live@edu instead of ILM 2007.

Why FIM 2010 is not offered yet to Live@edu folks?

I have been asked by end-customers why Microsoft is not offering Forefront Identity Manager 2010 within Live@edu program.
The answer is rather simple. Live@edu is a marketing program that is offering variety of Microsoft products to educational sector for free. Most notable that is hosted Exchange 2010 solution; however there is plethora of other products that Microsoft is packaging under Live@edu umbrella. SharePoint Server, Online version of Office 2010, SkyDrive, Spaces, etc. As you can guess Live@edu team is NOT the owner of all those technologies. Each technology belongs to a team that develops and supports it; Exchange 2010 is naturally belonging to Exchange team, SkyDrive and Spaces are Windows Live team, and so on.

So why is it still ILM 2007? Answer is that when Exchange team started development of ELMA (thereafter OLMA) then GALSync and finally OLSync (finally for summer 2010 that is) when there was no FIM 2010 in site. Back two years ago when ELMA 1.0 was on the design board (I was part of the ELMA 1.0 team) the name of “Forefront Identity Manager” was not even conceived yet; it was ‘ILM 2’ at the time with no defined released date and no clear upgrade path available in writing. On top of that, as you know, Microsoft offers full-fledged Premier Support for all Live@edu customers (which is rather amazing, considering that this is free offer); So for “mother-ship” to offer something like that, it would take a lot of confidence in the product, and therefore offered solution got be tested and over-tested and tested again… hence the lag with the offer of FIM 2010 to Live@edu customers.

In the meanwhile, you can rely of Microsoft partners such as my company Schakra. Deconstructing OLSync and reconstructing it on FIM 2010 is something we certanly can offer. If you need/want your Live@edu or custom OLMA (Outlook Live Management Agent) solution running on Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you setting things up and supporting it.

    • Trevor Reed
    • May 12th, 2011

    How can I set this up?

    • Frankly, at this point in time (May, 2011) I would recommend waiting for R5 (Exchange 2010 SP1 upgrade in the cloud), which is already well underway and available for beta customers. R5 (at least in beta releases that I’ve seen so far) provides x64 version of OLMA and therefore works on FIM in out-of-the-box configuration. Please work with your Microsoft TAM (if you have one) to chat about it; do not hesitate to reference my name to him/her, so if he/she have any technical question they can reach internally.

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