BPOS PCNS Extension

Lately I have been involved in a lot of internal Microsoft BPOS activity. For people who have not heard of BPOS it is: Business Productivity Online Suite. Basically it is Microsoft servers such as Exchange, SharePoint, Communication Server, etc. that are hosted by Microsoft in Microsoft’s data-center and sold to business as a service vs. as a software/product. No need for hardware, no need for upgrades and maintenance.
Schakra has embraced ‘the cloud’ and bravely moved all our internal mailboxes to BPOS. As a Microsoft partner that offers BPOS deployments to customers this was a necessary move. Now we can experience what our customers are experiencing and gain valuable first-hand expertise.
The very first thing that I have noticed after the migration was completed is that now I’ve got two passwords to worry about. One for my local AD and another for BPOS cloud resources. BPOS comes with rich SSO client with attempts to manage your credentials and re-configures your rich applications such as Outlook and Communicator, however when you are going to web resource – you are on your own. You got to type your login and password assigned to you. Out IT guys were not exactly a happy bunch, when users began to ask to reset local and cloud passwords. Technically almost all time they have saved on not managing local exchange server they were losing on ad-hoc password resets. We have plenty of users that are working remotely, some are VPNing, some are joined to client’s domains… so as you can imagine adding another variable to password management is no an ideal place to be in.
Being an IdM guy I could not live with that. My researched indicated that there is no products that would employ standard PCNS (Password Change Notification Service) that would synchronize on-premise AD passwords with the cloud BPOS. What else could I do, but to write one!
For several days Schakra’s internal population is happily using BPOS PCNS extension; we would be happy to help any BPOS customer with your password synchronization issues.
BPOS PCNS extension installs onto your existing BPOS directory synchronization box and does not require any custom code on your domain controllers, nor a web-service of any kind or a separate physical or virtual host. It simply augments your existing BPOS installation and synchronizes your AD passwords to BPOS passwords 1 to 1
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