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Career Changes

After many years of working with Microsoft as a contractor (vendor) I have finally caved-in. I am very excited to announce that I’ve accepted a full time position with Microsoft Corporation. As of January 4, 2011 I have joined Office 365 Deployment Team. The hiring process in Microsoft deserves a separate blog entry – it’s a long winding trail (more like an obstacle course) where coming out on the other end is its own reward. The lesson that I’ve learned (over and over again) is: patience is a virtue.

So… what does is mean for this blog. Well, being inside of the “mother-ship” and being part of the “mother-ship” is a little deferent from each other. As a Microsoft employee I represent Microsoft’s official “party line”, therefore some topics could be covered in slightly deferent manner. Naturally, I am expecting my perspective(s) to change a little bit, as I will become more exposed to the inner-workings of the “machine”. Nevertheless, I don’t expect any drastic changes; after all I was hired for who I am. Wish me luck, it should be a cool ride.