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Got to have “light” RSS feed reader

I do realize that I’ve came to the blogosphere and RSS feeds WAY behind the curve; however, to my surprise, I’ve discovered that there is still no "dominant" RSS reader platform for .NET

Plenty of players with open source solutions and plenty of "for-profit" solutions, however all of them seemed to be a little over-engineered for my taste. In the end displaying content of XML file should not be hard to do. Right?

It would be nice to have "native" .NET framework object that is wrapping RSS and ATOM feeds. There are examples of such objects in .NET. With framework v3.5 MSFT introduced System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace which neatly wraps DirectoryEntry object… it is simple(er) to use and doing lots of heavy lifting for you, so why not to create RssEntry object somewhere under System.Net namespace? Where do I cast my vote for this???

So it seems that I’ve got myself a little pet-project for weekend or two. The objective is to cook-up easy to deal with RSS 2.0 feed reader (at least for my own blog) and hook it up to my site.  I’ve got that poor site static since it was created a year ago and it’s time to give it a little "information jolt".


CodeRush or CrackRush?

CodeRush Xpress 9.1

I have just downloaded CodeRush for VS2008. It is an excellent product for lazy fat-fingering programmer as I am. It creates classes with proper constructors; jumps between camel-case variables (LOVE this one), adds nice thin little line between corresponding open and closed curly-brackets to outline loops, tries, switch cases and other enclosed areas, so you can visually see what exactly your 5th out of 9 closing curly brackets actually closing. Nice!

There are also method extractor, method to field converter and whole slew of other pleasantries.

Take a look:

Visual Studio guys should purchase whole thing and bake it into VS2010 SP1 or something.  The only fear I’ve got it that it will be like a super-crack, first use and I’ll be hooked on it and can’t code without it.

Hello Windows 7

I’ve spend about two hours last night watching Microsoft IT image of Windows 7 Enterprise X64 RTM being downloaded, installed and configured on my laptop. It replaced my Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise that I’ve lived with for a long while.

So far I am more than happy with 7.

1.       This this going to be my first OS since Windows 2000 Professional (this kind of ages me…) where I am not disabling all graphical add-ons and other "beatifications". They are smooth and not obnoxiously toy-like (Sorry XP and Vista)

2.       It is FAST to boot and VERY fast to wake-up

3.       It is much more "administrator" friendly than Vista. I am still disabling UAC, but now it’s got several levels of UAC. I’ll see if I can live with minimum setting (before OFF) without being annoyed

4.       Did I say that it was FAST?

So far my verdict is – "I would install it on my mother’s computer"  [that is a good thing 😉 ]